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About Chris

I’m available to help with most home owners to do lists. I’m not your typical handyman; I actually do this work because I love it.

Growing up I always loved working with my hands, designing with both wood and metal. My dad was a machinist so I was always surrounded with tools and opportunity to build.

For the last 30 years or so I’ve worked in many technical fields, for other companies and for myself.  I became adept at troubleshooting both mechanical problems and electrical circuits in both the ATM and Bindery businesses. During that time I’ve always worked on home projects, repairs and remodels of my home and rental properties.

I began helping neighbors with all sorts of home improvement projects and repairs.  I would offer advise freely and recommendations that saved them time, money and added to the look of their homes.

I’ve since decided to make this a full time career and enjoy the challenge and the diversity of projects I’m able to do on a daily basis.

I created a business page on next door the neighborhood app and have since become one of the most commented on business In the area.  I’ve had the opportunity  to meet and work for my nearby neighbors for the past 3 years In both Santa Clara and the San Jose Area.

I recently moved to Santa Cruz and am starting up the same services here while still maintaining and keeping in touch with my clients In Santa Clara / San Jose area.